Music review: Dylan Gardner and ‘Adventures in Real Time’


Dylan Gardner promotional material Photo by Jeanne Hanigan

By guest reviewers Jackson Clarke and Julianne Werner

Jackson Clarke:

Dylan Gardner promotional material Photo by Jeanne Hanigan
Dylan Gardner promotional material Photo by Jeanne Hanigan

Dylan Gardner is a teen who wants to make a name for himself.

With the release of his debut album,“Adventures in Real Time,” Gardner attempts to break into the newly emerging pop/alternative genre that has become so popular recently.

He starts his album strong with the song, “Let’s Get Started.” You are immediately hooked into the album with an upbeat guitar riff and bass line that is reminiscent of songs by popular alternative bands such as Neon Trees, MGMT, and The Arctic Monkeys. When I heard the beginning to this song, I immediately thought of skating around in California, and the sort of laid back environment that California is known for.

As the song continues to go on, Gardner muses about the girl he is in love with, and how he wants to be with her. The lyrics of this song are very much like the lyrics of popular boy bands today,such as One Direction, and 5 Seconds of Summer. Even though these lyrics are very pop-based, the song has a very alternative feeling to it.

Gardner’s music is the kind of musicyou would hear in skate and surf shops around the west coast, from Pac Sun, toVans. This song really sets the tone for the rest of the album, which is fullof alternative songs with electronic undertones, and the occasional ska beat aswell. Overall, Gardner’s debut album is very upbeat and enjoyable, and has thepotential of becoming a large hit in today’s market.

Julianne Werner:

Dylan Gardner’s debut album,”Adventures in Real Time,” is not so much an adventure, but a smooth ride.

His first song, “Let’s Get Started,” is filled with keys and an excellent guitar riff. The bubble-gum pop sound is mixed with the Southern California vibe of songs that might play in a PacSun.

The songs’ rhythms change quickly from the vibrant beat of “Let’s Get Started” to the mellow acoustics of “Too Afraid to Love You.” The album reminds me of something I would listen to on a sunny summer day with the top of the convertible rolled down and wind blowing through my hair.

Although his central theme of love is quite cliché for an up and coming, young male singer, the upbeat and modern twist he encompasses makes up for it. Though slightly boy band-esque, Gardner reminds me more of the lead singer from GroupLove than the boys in OneDirection.

Overall, Dylan Gardner’s album is enjoyable,catchy, and upbeat. Keep an eye and ear out for him in upcoming news and on the radio. Be sure to add him on your next playlist.

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