Musical delights whole school

By Adrienne Pascual

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Christmas. Romance and comedy. Music. Mid-twentieth century costumes. And if that wasn’t enough to hype someone up, get this: snow machines. The fall musical, “White Christmas,”hit the stage this November in McAstocker Theater.

Based on a timeless Irving Berlin classic, Bellarmine cast and crew worked assiduously to produce this stunning musical with the audience guaranteed to be enthralled with the play.

Senior Matt Estabrook, dancer and part of ensemble, vouched for this: “Why not? Why not be entertained by your fellow students and experience a really fun way to connect in the community? It’s cool to see all these different people perform, and see all the different characters they can play.”

“For me, theater has always been a place where you can go and forget everything that happens outside because you’re watching something different,” said junior Sydney Lenoch, who starred as lead role Judy Haynes. “This ‘White Christmas’ was a take on the classic movie, so people would come in expecting to see what they recognize. But it’s a little different, it’s a pleasant surprise. It’s a big, dance-y show.”

A new take on the heartwarming film, this adaptation proved to be just as heartwarming. Junior dancers Allie Smith and Abby Willis, both agreed. “‘White Christmas’ in November: it’s the best feel-good musical! You couldn’t walk out not in a good spirit.”

“The story makes you want to fall in love,” Smith added.

Each year, Bellarmine theater never disappoints, working tirelessly to bring the best to show. Everyone involved in making the production come to life has their fair say in the fact that the process is not only a stressful one, but a “long and grueling one,” junior ensemble member Marisa Terry stated.

Despite this, the end result is what makes the whole process worth it. Willis assured, “To be able to see it in our minds for what’s going to happen, the feeling knowing all these rehearsals get you to the place where you feel so amazing on stage, that’s the best part. The best part is getting to see the final product all put together. Plus, it’s Christmas in November. How could you go wrong with that?”musical-pt-2

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Musical delights whole school