Legacy of ‘23: Some final hurrahs for the senior class


Photo courtesy of Google

The final stride.

The final stride. (Photo courtesy of Google)

As seniors are wrapping up their final year at Bellarmine, let’s take a look at a few fun-filled events that happened during our time on the Hill.

Senior Sunset/Sunrise

To start off the school year, seniors gathered for their first sunset together at Chambers Bay. There were multiple activities such as spikeball, football, and frisbee. It was a wonderful way to reconnect with fellow classmates and possibly make new friends. A few days after, the seniors kicked off the first day of school with a senior sunrise on memorial field. Laying with blankets on the field, the seniors took pictures and spent time with their friends for their last first day of high school. 

Senior Pilgrimage

This year’s senior pilgrimage was unlike any other. Originally scheduled at Camp Hamilton, this star-of-the-year retreat instead took place on the Bellarmine Campus. But, the retreat leaders were able to quickly adapt to change and make the retreat just as memorable. The seniors spent the day walking around the campus they had gotten to know so well over the past four years. The class moved from place to place, and retreat leaders shared about themselves and their experience at Bellarmine at every spot. The retreat ended with a very memorable dance in the Names Gym, where seniors celebrated the perfect kickoff to their final year.

Spirit Week

Homecoming 2022 spirit week was a time to remember. The week consisted of five different themes that students and faculty blew out of the water. Monday was Adam Sandler day. The student body wore oversized shorts and shirts, baseball caps and big shoes. The next day students wore jerseys of all sorts. Wednesday was twin day. Thursday was class distinction day. Freshmen were babies, sophomores were cowboys, juniors were hippies, and seniors wore togas. The final day of the week was dedicated to blue and white, the school colors, to cheer on the football team for their homecoming game. 

2022-23 Dances – Homecoming, Winter Ball, Tolo, Prom

This year Bellarmine had an astounding four dances, different from the past years. The first dance was Homecoming, which took place at Bellarmine and the theme was starry night. Then was the winter ball, a dance just for seniors. Held outside of Bellarmine, students and faculty danced the night away. Then tolo, a dance where typically girls ask boys. Finally, Prom occured at Foss Waterway with the theme of Monet Water Lilies. 

Encounter Leadership

November 2022, February and March 2023

At the end of last year school, Juniors who had spent their own time on Encounter applied to be a part of the retreat’s dedicated leadership team for the upcoming 2022-2023 school year. Having experienced the transformative experience themselves, the now-seniors jumped at the opportunity to make the retreat as special as their own. The seniors spent months preparing to lead the Encounter by organizing cabins, writing talks, buying supplies, and getting ready to make the Juniors’ time with them as memorable as possible. I worked on the last girls encounter in March, which I had gone on the year prior, and it was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I was able to bond with my own cabin and make memories that will last me a lifetime.

Spring Break

This year’s spring break trip for the seniors was spent on the sunny beaches of Wailea, Maui. A group of around 60 seniors all took a much-needed rest from school and relaxed with their friends for their last high school spring break. Starting off strong, groups of seniors spent the day snorkeling in Molokini. The all-day excursion took seniors on a boating trip, where they explored the crystal clear waters. The class of 2023 spent the rest of the week swimming, shopping, indulging in Hawaiian cuisine, and enjoying paradise with their friends.

College Night

College night took place on May 12th, and it was a day dedicated to celebrating the seniors’ next steps. The seniors showed up all decked out in their college gear, and brought family members and friends to watch from the stands. Each individual college was announced, and all of the seniors attending said college walked out to the middle of the field and took a picture. After, there were plenty of photo opportunities, and seniors were each given a gift as the night ended.

Upcoming… Nerf wars, Baccalaureate Mass, Graduation

There are a few upcoming events taking place at the beginning of June. The first one that is ongoing at the moment is nerf wars. An event unaffiliated with Bellarmine, students are on teams of five and go against another team of five in an attempt to shoot them with a nerf gun. Currently the seniors are in the second knockout round and things are getting intense. There are people hiding in bushes, putting air-tags on other peoples cars, chasing people, using siblings as a distraction, and more. 

The other events coming up include the Baccalaureate Mass and Graduation. Family and students gather together for one last mass to celebrate the seniors next new journey. Finally, the last event for the seniors is Graduation. The last gathering for all seniors before they start their next four years at a new school.