Coronavirus outbreak update

Amina Khan

The Lion is providing access to important news regarding the coronavirus to help our community understand the pandemic and stay united during these unsettling times. The Bellarmine community is strong and prepared to manage this situation.

The Origins of COVID-19: From China to Seattle
Researchers at the Shanghai Public Health Clinical Center published the genome of COVID-19 two weeks after cases were reported in late Dec. 2019. The virus originates in bats and was transferred to humans through an unidentified species, as analyzed by gene sequencing. Across the globe in Everett, WA, on Jan. 19, the man who would become Patient Zero arrived from Wuhan, China.

March 16, 2020: Week 1 of Distance Learning

Set your timers, students, because classes begin at 9 a.m. sharp.

The coronavirus may have closed our schools down, but Bellarmine students were prepared and dedicated for distance learning. Whether it was through AP Students, google documents, a bunch of scattered emails from teachers, or instruction though Moodle, the accumulation of knowledge was taking place one way or another. We would like to thank our faculty for their dedication and support, as many teachers changed schedules and had to adjust to new ways of teaching online.

March 16:
Gov. Jay Inslee announced a temporary statewide shut down on restaurants, bars, entertainment and recreational facilities statewide due to the coronavirus. Restaurants can only operate in take-outs. Additionally, he limited gatherings to 50 and the death toll in this state reached 48. President Trump suggests gatherings of only 10 people and encourages the young and healthy to continue schooling at home. Moreover, President Donald Trump said, “We have an invisible enemy,” at a news conference. Trump acknowledges that no country has this situation under control. On Monday afternoon, more than 4,100 cases have been confirmed in the U.S., but experts expect those numbers to rise as more testing becomes available. More than 70 Americans have died.