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Bagels and (Tea) Brews at Bert’s

Eliza Burgess

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Bert’s celebrates the season. Photo by Eliza Burgess and Bea Pugeda

Walking into Bertolino’s Coffee Bar on a Late Start Wednesday, it may be a tad difficult to find a seat. The aroma of baked goods and coffee fills the air while a variety of community members and fellow Lions fill the room. But what drives a vast array of the Bellarmine community to go to this cozy coffeehouse?

Established in 1994, Bert’s has had a presence right down the hill for 22 plus years. Being around for that long creates a bonding point for generations of Lions. Bert’s ideal location and noted legacy continue to attract crowds before and school.

With a wide arrange of food and drink hot spots all located right down the hill, what makes some of our fellow classmates choose Bert’s over the other options?

For junior McKenzie Clark, she chooses Bert’s over other places because, “There is more of a community feel. I feel like it’s more cozy and comfy. They also have their little Bible verse on the counter which I think is adorable.”

Clark thinks Bert’s attracts other Bellarmine students because, “The experience at Bert’s is a lot more personal and they remember you, whereas with Starbucks you are just another person.”

From pizza bagels to banana bread, junior Luke Munson’s personal favorite is a “Lime Redbull Italian soda. I like going to Bert’s because I think it’s important to support small businesses, and I also really appreciate the interactions with the baristas.”

Another Lion who appreciates the interactions with the baristas is Lauren Baerg. Always seen down the hill during school season and summers, Baerg wakes up in the early hours of the morning to get some studying done.

Baerg says she likes to “pull all nighters in the summers with her friends, and catch up on a book at Bert’s.”

So if you’re looking for a friendly, comfy environment to enjoy a cup of joe, Bertolino’s might be the place for you
— it might be your cup of tea.

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Eliza Burgess, Reporter

Eliza Burgess, senior, is ecstatic to be part of the newspaper crew for 2017-18. At a whopping 5’0” feet tall, she is the ideal candidate for sneaking...

Bagels and (Tea) Brews at Bert’s