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Wildfires pass through the Pacific Northwest

Liam Emerick

October 21, 2020

The year of 2020 has been rough for people everywhere. Challenges increased for citizens of the northwest over these past few weeks with widespread wildfires. Washington, Oregon, and California were all hit hard. Looking out the...

The new normal in regards to school

Charlie Zelazny

October 19, 2020

With the new school year well under way, it is shaping up to be a year that no one has ever experienced before. So far, students have been conducting classes in the privacy of their homes, trying to figure out a new way of studying....

Senior Pilgrimage: Virtually walking together

Evan Baerg

October 18, 2020

On Sept. 19, small groups of seniors gathered together to experience their Senior Pilgrimage, a cornerstone Bellarmine tradition which almost all alumni can recollect. During Pilgrimage, seniors take a moment to leave behind the...

Zoom will be used as a key tool in distance learning, but will students have the necessary tools and advice to succeed?

How to survive online school

September 16, 2020

Coronavirus divides generations

Ava Pierson

September 16, 2020

Over the past six months, the Bellarmine community has been required to learn the meaning of the word empathy. Although students might feel healthy and carefree, it has been critical for everyone to look out for citizens ...

A change in quarantine

Kelli Allen

September 16, 2020

Trapped inside houses, away from friends, social events, and public places in general, the world as a collective got pretty creative. Whether it was baking many new desserts, watching yoga videos, or learning how to play a new...