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2017-2018 Staff

Elle Ferreira


Elle Ferreira is a member of The Lion staff and a senior at Bellarmine. She enjoys sports and more sports. An avid pickle ball enthusiast, she dedicates much of her time towards creating a pickle ball club that the school repeatedly...

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Angel Lopez


Executive copy editor and senior, Angel Lopez, is a man of mystery and power, whose power is only exceeded by his mystery. When he's not working on making deadlines, he enjoys spending time with his two older sisters! He's also...

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Payton Schneider


Payton Schneider, junior, is an excited writer for the Bellarmine Lion Newspaper. Outside of The Lion, she's involved in Operation Keep Them Warm and Feed, activities board, and the Nordstrom fashion ambassador program. Payton...

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Cristina Shaffer

Online Editor

Cristina Shaffer, senior and editor of BellarmineLion.com, is excited for another year of Bellarmine Lion Journalism! Besides covering breaking news and tackling hard-hitting issues, Cristina plays tennis, leads retreats and the...

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Max Bessler

"Broadcast" Editor

Max Bessler, senior, is always up for some good journalism. When not chasing down leads, Max spends his time living life to the fullest. He's looking forward to producing not only some great articles, but "brodcast" news videos,...

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Julia Maher


Julia Maher, junior, is thrilled to be a part of the Lion Newspaper this year. She is a lector and involved in Operation Keep ‘Em Warm and Fed, Nativity House, and Shirts Across America’s Core Team. In her free time, she enjoys...

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Josh Hanigan

Sports reporter

Josh Hanigan is a senior who enjoys sports, reading books, and hanging with friends. He plays football and he bowls. Josh is involved in Senior pilgrimage and retreats and anything Bellarmine! Josh is excited about the school...

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Liam Casey


New to the newspaper staff, Liam Casey is exited to begin writing incredible stories. In his free time he likes to eat, swim, sleep, and play video games. A professional procrastinator, he likes to take things a little slower....

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Maddie Halverson


Maddie Halvorson is very excited to join Newspaper this year. She loves writing and basically anything related to English class. When Maddie isn’t in Newspaper, she can be found in the theatre department, stressing over colleges...

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Leah Kurosky


Leah Kurosky, senior, is excited to be a new addition to The Lion staff. In addition to Newspaper, she enjoys playing lacrosse and being apart of Sophomore Formation. Outside of school, you can find Leah hitting the slopes, competitively...

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Ali Lo


Ali Lo, senior, is the executive editor in chief of The Lion in addition to being a staff writer. She is ecstatic to be on staff this year. Outside of newspaper, she is involved in Marine Chemistry, the Operation Keep ‘Em Warm...

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Lindon Coulter-Peterson


Lindon Coulter-Peterson is a senior at Bellarmine Prep. He is a renowned truth teller, and will do whatever it takes to inform the public of societal corruption. His skills at poker and eating are unmatched, and he spends his...

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Mariella Caruso


Mariella Caruso is a senior at Bellarmine this year, and is excited about serving as part of the Lion Newspaper staff this year! In addition to being involved with the Bellarmine Lion, she is also a part of the Bellarmine girls...

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Elisabeth Connett


Elisabeth Connett, junior, is looking forward to her first year writing on the Lion Newspaper. Outside of newspaper, Elisabeth is a part of the Nordstrom Fashion Ambassador Program, Sophmore Formation Team, and is a Humane Society...

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Deven Patel


Deven Patel is a senior at Bellarmine Prep and is thrilled for newspaper. He runs cross country and does long distance for track. Outside of school he comes from a family of 5 and enjoys boating and hiking. He loves other sports,...

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Audrey Pentimonti

Broadcast editor

Audrey Pentimonti is a senior writer and executive broadcast director on the Lion staff. Her accomplishments include: spilling 200+ ounces of coffee on herself in her lifetime, dropping at least 20 bagels cream cheese side down,...

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Eliza Burgess


Eliza Burgess, junior, is ecstatic to be part of the newspaper crew for 2017-18. At a whopping 5’0” feet tall, she is the ideal candidate for sneaking around for the best stories. When she’s not investigating, studying hard,...

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