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  • An Interview with Jon Lester

Political Survey v2

November 4, 2019


Student Senate plans

Maxx Stewart, Editor-in-Chief of Broadcast

October 31, 2019

Student Senate has big plans this year. Your 2019-2020 executive senate officers are G Alvarado, Ian Schmidt, Larkin Daly, Lexi Rice and Maxx Stewart. Four are returning members after the upset of an all junior class executive...

Trends take over teens

Trends take over teens

October 31, 2019

Start the school year strong

Start the school year strong

September 13, 2019

Editorial Cartoon: Recycling woes

Nikhil Iyengar B'19, Guest Editorial Cartoonist

May 24, 2019


Just say NO to Nerf Wars… or not

Nikhil Iyengar B'19 aka Mr. President's Cat

April 24, 2019


MicDrop Comics: An Unofficial Bellarmine Comic Strip

Nikhil Iyengar B'19 aka Mr. President's Cat, Guest Artist

March 19, 2019

MicDrop Comics illustrate events at Bellarmine in an exaggerated manner. Its main intent is to be funny. No real person is depicted here, unless otherwise noted. ...

Molly Meines B’17 reflects on her experience living with diabetes

Amina Khan, Interviewer

February 28, 2019

Bellarmine has been a part of my life since I was three. I was diagnosed with diabetes when I was six years old. The community helped my family significantly during that time and was also there recently to help my dad through...

Bellarmine: Can we talk about race?

Anaiis Dunbar, Guest Writer

December 31, 2018

As Bellarmine’s students of color population rises, inclusion across campus is more important. Through awareness coupled with a staff committed to acceptance of diversity, Bellarmine’s campus will become a second home to all students.

Does school safety trump community service?

Gabi Hyman

December 30, 2018

No one on the girls’ soccer team had noticed the man standing by the fence on Memorial Field. It was a particularly sunny October day, and it wasn’t until half way through practice when a player noticed him. He was a rugged...