The Theater Program has Rich History

Elliot Lee, Online Specialist

The Bellarmine theater program began around the 1920s and has been producing theatrical and award-winning masterpieces since. The theater program is widely inclusive, involving the help and support of freshman to seniors, whether that is performing on stage, building the sets, lights, costumes, hair and makeup, the list goes on. These performances are massive undertakings and require a lot of time and commitment to the program itself. When there are inevitable bumps along the way to performance, from repainting a set to adjusting the lights, these students and volunteers take the time to fine-tune the set, as well as their skills, and are still able to produce an amazing show.
With all the hard work necessary for putting on a good performance, the theater program at Bellarmine makes time for traditions. These traditions help direct how they set up the stage and in taking time before the show to prepare themselves for their performances. A couple of these traditions were explained by junior Mykahla George.
She said, “After the last night of the show we start taking down the set and then we stop like an hour before we have to leave and pizza gets brought in and we sit around and eat pizza and it’s very fun. Also before every show, we do a thing called circle where it’s just kind of a bonding time for us to center ourselves and make sure we’re all on the same page about starting the show.” These traditions help build the foundation for the inclusivity that Bellarmine theater offers.
Junior Kevin Coleman said, “The community – the people are so nice and welcoming and that always creates a good place to be.”
Senior Liberty Evans-Agnew has been performing in shows here at Bellarmine since starting her freshman year. She, like many of those working in the theater, believe Bellarmine theater in particular is a special program. She said, “My favorite thing about theater is the community. I love working on projects and theater is just one big project with the most amazing people in the world; they’re all super creative and kind.”
The musical this year is Once Upon a Mattress and performances are March 12, 13, 14, 15, 19, 20 and 22.