Students share their favorite Christmas movies


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This movie, among others, is considered a classic by many students.

Claire Comerford

Christmas is a special holiday made to bring families and friends together through their love of Christ and each other. It’s a day filled with food, presents, stories and laughter. Each family has a different Christmas tradition which sometimes includes Christmas movies. Watching Christmas movies can be an important part of celebrating the holiday season for families to get in the spirit. For some of us, watching these movies can transport us back to our childhood and remind us of special memories from past Christmases. To help get us in the holiday spirit, I asked Bellarmine students what their favorite Christmas movies are and why they’re so special to them. Maybe this will inspire you to watch your favorite Christmas movies as well.

A Bellarmine senior said his favorite Christmas movie is “It’s a Wonderful Life.” This is their favorite festive movie because he used to watch it with his grandparents and it reminds him of special Christmas memories he has with them.

“A Christmas Story” was two people’s favorite Christmas movie. One senior said it was his favorite because he has memories of watching it with his family growing up and he thought it was the funniest.  A junior also said this was his favorite because everyone thinks it’s the funniest. He thinks it’s the funniest because of how it makes fun of the idea of what a perfect Christmas should be.

Another senior said that her favorite movie was “How the Grinch stole Christmas.” This one is her favorite because she has fond memories of watching it with her siblings and has always been her favorite growing up.

Whether it’s your favorite Christmas movie because it holds a special memory or simply because you find it entertaining, watching Christmas movies can be a fun way to celebrate with your friends and family.