2022 Book Releases

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The new year calls for new books, whether you are an avid reader or haven’t read in awhile, the books below are bound to get you into reading again.

“The Paris Apartment

Lucy Foley, author of the thriller The Guest List, is set to publish a mystery book called “The Paris Apartment” on Feb. 22.  The novel follows the broke and unemployed Jess, who moves in with her half-brother living in Paris. She arrives at his mysteriously nice apartment, only to find he’s not there. She delves into her brother’s life, meeting the strange residents of the apartment building, and discovers secrets that challenge her perception of the residents. This novel is full of plot twists and mysteries that will keep you guessing and intrigued till the last page.


“How High We Go in the Dark”

A mix of science fiction and emotion, “How High We Go in the Dark,” by Sequoia Nagamatsu, is set in 2030, and follows the discovery of an ancient virus that will alter the Earth for the years to come. Different character’s stories filled with death, love, and grief, intertwine to create a journey filled with dreams and show the resilience of the human spirit.


“The Maid”

“The Maid,” Nita prose, follows Molly, a 25 year old maid who recently lost her Gran, the only family member who took care of her. Faced with grieving and having to adapt to new changes, she also becomes the prime suspect of murder when she finds Mr. Black, a well known and wealthy customer of the hotel, dead on his bed. This story touches on friendship, identity, and voice, leaving you feeling heart-warmed and wanting more.


“The Book of Cold Cases”

When true crime blogger Shea interviews Beth Greer, a woman who is said to have performed two cold case slayings, she is met with an experience of mystery and suspicion on what the real danger is; Beth, or the Greer house. Simone St. James, the author of “The Book of Cold Cases,” creates an atmosphere that is bound to spook you, being set in a mansion full of vengeful ghosts. Being released on Mar. 15, this novel will sure to creep you out and captivate you along the way.


“The Saints of Swallow Hill”

Described as a mix of “Where the Crawdads Sing” and “The Four Winds, The Saints of Swallow Hill,” by Donna Everhart, follows Rae Lynn, who decides to leave her husband by disguising as a man to work at a labor camp. There she meets Del Reese, who takes a liking to the young ‘man’ and wants to protect him from their boss and their other evil co-workers. Their story intertwines with the Great Depression and allows for a story of friendship, love, strength and determination through discrimination and hardships.


“Book Lovers”

Emily Henry, author of two other popular romances, releases yet another titled “Book Lovers.” Nora Stephens, the protagonist, goes on a trip with her sister in a small town in hopes of escaping her job for a bit and the editors she works with. Yet once she arrives in Sunshine Falls, she finds the editor she detests happens to be staying in Sunshine Falls too. As she keeps running into him, she begins to realize she enjoys his presence, and possibly everything else about him.


“The Swimmers”

Following Alice, a swimmer who slowly begins losing herself to dementia, “The Swimmers,” by Julie Otsuka, shifts between Alice’s childhood memories of being in a Japanese internment camp resurfacing because of her dementia, and her present life with her daughter trying to help her. Otsukas’ beautiful writing style creates this short novel that shows the relationship between a mother and daughter and how they deal with Alice’s encroaching dementia.