Why read ‘Holding Up The Universe’ by Jennifer Niven

Cover of Holding Up The Universe By Jennifer Niven

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Cover of “Holding Up The Universe” By Jennifer Niven

Book: “Holding Up The Universe” by Jennifer Niven

Genre: Fiction 

Rating: ⅖ stars 

This month I read “Holding Up The Universe” by Jennifer Niven which is a dual story of a girl named Libby and a boy named Jack. They both go through a transformative journey when being thrown together by accident. As you read both of these characters develop into better people as they each go through different challenges together. 

I recommend this book to someone that has read Jennifer Niven’s most popular book “All The Bright Places. “All The Bright Places” is a darker read so if you are looking for a light hearted read this is the book to pick up. They both have similar styles, I think that “Holding Up The Universe” is not as good but it is up there. If you enjoy changing viewpoints and teen fiction you may enjoy this book.