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Let’s Bag it up

Lindsay Baerg

January 6, 2017

Recently, Eucharistic Ministers have been selling Red Bags as part of The Red Bag project. According to the Red Bag Project website, “The Red Bag is a non-profit organization bringing low-cost bags with basic essentials to the...

Go Green Team

Go Green Team

January 6, 2017

Lovin' the leftovers

Lovin’ the leftovers

December 6, 2016

Bellarmine Clubs 2016-2017

September 28, 2016

There are many clubs that you can be a part of at Bellarmine. Get involved and join a club! Note: The Humane Society Club is moderated by Annette Michalson....

The hardest job you’ll ever love

Elisabeth Davies

June 3, 2016

With summer on the horizon and the stress of AP tests over, the only hurdle left for the school year is finals. For juniors. however, getting the perfect SAT and ACT scores, college applications, and applying for scholars...

Marine Chemistry mixes it up

Rachael So

June 3, 2016

Marine Chemistry is the study of the chemical makeup of oceans, but, at Bellarmine, it holds a greater meaning. Upon hearing the words “Marine Chemistry,” some Bellarmine students think of smart kids unnecessarily ...