MLK Assembly

On Jan. 28, Bellarmine honored Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in an assembly featuring prayers, spoken word, and a song from students and adults alike.

Freshman Ben Fowkes opened with a prayer, senior Ukaamaka Medani welcomed everyone, freshman Malea Dickerson shared her spoken word, senior Zoe Shelton set the context of the assembly, and sophomore Jemila Momoh and junior Cecilia Mwangi sang.

Jahmad Canley of Potential Unleashed Consulting served as the keynote speaker who provided a historical context of how racial injustice continues. His observation about how there is a Division Street in Tacoma touched upon the concept of Redlining and other issues.

In addition to commemorating King’s legacy, last month’s assembly began the preparation for the Justice Summit on Human Dignity. Its theme is “Understanding Race in the 21st Century” and the Justice Week is from April 20 to April 24.