Football Watch Party

On Thursday, March 18, Bellarmine Prep allowed every athlete to bring up to four fans to the Varsity football home game against Bethel. This was the first time that fans have been allowed in the stadium, and it led to a great win by the team. To gain a greater insight into exactly how the night went down, I thought it would be important to ask some fans and players what they thought about the experience. 

“I had a lot of fun being able to go out and cheer on Ochocinco and Joshua Jimenez,” said senior Michael Monroe, adding that “it was nice to finally be able to go to a football game after having everything canceled the past year.” 

“Being able to go to the football game was awesome and hopefully it means we can have fans at baseball games too.” said Senior Kyler McCarthy. 

“I liked being able to have the fans and my family in the crowd for my last home game at Memorial field. After playing football for four years it was nice to be able to finish it surrounded by all my friends.” senior Adrian Rosales said.

“The football game was electric, the atmosphere of having fans was crazy and a real boost for all the players,” said first year senior Josh Jimenez 

It can clearly be seen that everyone had a fun time being able to cheer or play at the football game. Hopefully this means that other sports such as baseball, basketball and wrestling will be able to have fans at their games as we begin to return to normal school life. 

Photo from Claire McAllister