The 2013 Elizabeth Kelley Exemplary Teacher Award


Lion Staff

On Tuesday, May 21, the annual Academic Awards Assembly culminated in the highly anticipated announcement of the TOY, or the Teacher of the Year award. Senior class president Carolyn Heaney piqued the audience with her deliberate use of nonspecific pronouns to keep the gender of the recipient a surprise until the very end.

Her speech below captured the essence of this esteemed educator.

“The Elizabeth Kelley Exemplary Teacher Award annually highlights a faculty member that goes beyond the basic job description of being an employee here at Bellarmine.

This award is presented to faculty who set the bar high as quality human beings that fully commit themselves to contributing to make this Bellarmine community better. Today this award will be presented to a worthy teacher who deserves recognition for his or her service to this community.

This teacher has been described by a parent as a teacher ‘every high school kid needs’ because this person ‘changes lives and encourages young kids to reach higher and become better individuals serving those around them.’

This teacher infuses students with a passion about his or her subject and challenges them to dedicate time and energy to mastering this subject.

A student said, ‘This teacher’s joy and passion for life and for teaching is infectious and fills the classroom with excited energy. This teacher is kind and generously gives to every person he meets.’
This year’s exemplary teacher is a definition of a giver, and ‘teaches students how to be better people, forming them into young adults who exemplify Christ’s teachings through his actions.’
He cares in the most apparent and sincere way.

Yo quiero hablar mas sobre este maestro, pero yo necesito presentar el premio ahora. It is my honor to present the Elizabeth Kelley Exemplary Teacher Award to Mr. Bill Rosendin.”