Get ready to shop on Black Friday

Ali Lo

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It is November and that means that Christmas is just around the corner for most retailers. This means that it is the time to empty their shelves to make room for seasonallyappropriate goods. Soon, “Baby It’s Cold Outside” by Idina Menzel will be blaring on the radio and shelves will be stocked with fake snow, dolls, sparkling lights and toy cars.

However, before any of this can happen, the chaos that is fittingly named Black Friday must occur.

Thousands of people leave their families’ Thanksgiving dinner early or skip it all together in order to capture what is deemed the best deal of the year. One of the great American pastimes, not baseball… Black Friday shopping. Like many, Reese Zurfluh, junior, is not too fond of the practice. He thinks that, “It [Black Friday] is not a good idea because it is not founded on anything. The deals aren’t even that great.”

However, Black Friday is not all bad. Some people like Sage Moderelli, freshman, and her family make Black Friday shopping into a fun yearly tradition. She likes to go for the, “deals and availability of the products.” There is a special excitement that is exclusive to the 24 hour period following Thanksgiving dinner.

Although the Black Friday crowds have thinned in the past with the expansion of online shopping, throngs still force their way into the mall and other stores with staff members catering to them.

Horror stories circulate that dark Friday for years after. People camp in the chilly fall weather and brave the cold nights before the fight begins. A few people are sent to the hospital in exchange for a sweet deal.

Although, Black Friday shopping is prime time entertainment for some. Freshman, Joseph Peranzi fondly remembers watching a breakup occur because a woman’s boyfriend did not hold her place in line very well. A fledging Black Friday shopper, Shane Murray, junior, concurs. He cannot wait for Thanksgiving this year. Murray excitedly exclaimed, “I like to watch people fight over material items.” Same, Shane, same.

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Get ready to shop on Black Friday