Juniors share two service opportunities

Kelli Allen and Regan Marsh

Approaching Bellarmine’s new service requirements can be tricky, especially with the restriction on having to only perform service at one location and then having to advocate. It can be exhausting! Here are some of the journalism staff’s recommendations for service opportunities.

Regan: Volunteering at the Humane Society is a wonderful way to connect with the Tacoma community at large. By providing multiple ways to be involved at the shelters, the Humane Society takes special care in placing their volunteers in the right positions tailored for success. To begin volunteering, applications can be found on the Humane Society’s website. The commitment for a volunteer is to be able to put in six hours a month, but the coordinators are beyond accommodating to high school life. Positions with animals require extra training sessions in order to learn the behavior of the animals who could have possibly experienced trauma. The staff trainers and behaviorists make sure that each volunteer is properly trained in order to ensure the safety of humans and animals alike. Animal interaction is centered around the aspects of enrichment, which implies allowing the animals to learn positive interactions with humans and be reacclimated to society. Working at the Humane Society is not only a great way to fulfill your service hours, but an amazing way to share happiness with the animals who give us all of their love.

Kelli: Another great way to volunteer is through a program called Operation Keep ‘Em Warm and Fed. This is an independent organization that provides food and blankets to people struggling with homelessness and poverty in Tacoma. Working through St. Leo’s Parish, this organization offers kindness and companionship to those in need. To volunteer, there are many opportunities in the morning before school to hand out sandwiches, coffee and other food for about an hour. You can either make sandwiches, be a hospitality provider, fundraise, or provide other sources of food. Operation Keep Em Warm and Fed is a great way to be involved in your community and help people in need. If more questions contact religion teacher Josh Barnes or the operation website.