The new normal in regards to school

The Administration Building is lonely without students. (Photo courtesy of

With the new school year well under way, it is shaping up to be a year that no one has ever experienced before. So far, students have been conducting classes in the privacy of their homes, trying to figure out a new way of studying.

The never before seen type of schooling has caused many challenges to arise for students. “I find it hard to really focus in class while I am at home, which causes me to learn less,” said senior Josh Jimenez.

Students may be in luck however, as this distance learning doesn’t seem like it is going to last forever.

As talks about going back to in-person schooling are becoming more prevalent, it is worth taking a look at how Bellarmine is preparing to bring it’s students back on campus. To start, they have said that the students will eventually be coming back in a hybrid model, where the students are sorted into two groups and coming up to campus on alternating days. The groups are sorted by last name and are composed of students A-L, which is called the Bellarmine group, and M-Z, which is called the Ignatius group.

This isn’t the only change that is likely to happen though. Depending on how strict the government’s rules on coronavirus are at the time, students may be forced to wear a mask as well. This would be required all throughout campus as Bellarmine wants to do its best at following the rules put in place by the state of Washington.

Even though it isn’t entirely clear when all of these changes will be implemented and put in place, it is good for the Bellarmine community to have them in their mind just in case this event occurs sooner than expected.