Student traditions can still thrive during the pandemic

Regan Marsh

The pandemic has caused so much to change, including many long standing  traditions. Here are some great ideas on how to still make the season merry, despite COVID regulations.

Hosting a Zoom hot chocolate or Christmas party is a great way to see all of your friends and family, without being in close contact. This “party” is a great way to have mask-free conversations, and to be able to have your favorite party snacks. If you miss party games, trade musical chairs for online games that everyone can participate in from afar.

Being an “elf” to another family or neighbor can be both rewarding and fun! To be an elf, you and your family make a small care package for another family and then place it on their doorstep with a note telling them that it is now time to be an elf to another family. Eventually, the holiday cheer spreads as more people pass along care packages and holiday joy!

Baking is a huge staple of quarantine life and Christmastime. Having a virtual baking competition with your friends is a great way to show your competitive side, but is also a great excuse to have more sweet treats in your house.

Driving around to look at Christmas lights is a classic holiday tradition, but this year it is also a safe one. Bellarmine is hosting Lion Lights on Dec. 18 and 19, which is a great way to experience the Bellarmine campus lit up and ready for the holiday season!

Hopefully, these holiday traditions can help inspire a special holiday season, despite the hardships we have had to face.