Seniors describe their high school years in 10 words or less

Unity and perseverance.

That’s how I describe my high school experience.

I asked my fellow seniors to summarize their past four years in a few words, and this is how it went.

AHA – Anna Marlow

Naivete, hubris, toil, responsibility – Amelie Steinbacher

Resilience – Claire Wing

Okay – Olivia Quintanilla

Lifelong friends and unforgettable memories – Zachary Hirata

This was nothing like “High School Musical” – Olivia Oldham

Intensive growth, transformation, and understanding. – Peter Connelly

Fantabulous – Chris O’Flaherty

Zoom-ed by – Aniya Thomas

Different – Jacob Hanigan

Eye-opening – Benny Jasper

“High school Musical” without the musical- Alyssa Cua

Fun and bittersweet -Victoria Krishchuk

It’s high school; you’re either swaggin’ hard or you’re hardly swaggin’ – CJ Piccio

Awesome, stressful, exciting, tiring, interesting, new and fresh – Jack Christensen

Last year es un payaso – Charlie Zelazny

Unconventional yet empowering – Regan Marsh

The tater tots were the only things worth the experience – Riley Baerg

Uneventful, yet eventful – Jacob Neeb

Exciting, challenging, interesting, good, fun, food days, CP – Aiden Patel

Unpredictable – Kelli Allen

Lots of learning in many different ways – Inga Larson

And a couple of haikus:

Freshmen year was aight

Year Two and three were okay

Last year weird, no cap  – Evan Baerg

Fun time with my friends

Zoom sucks it will never end, yes!

10 out of 10  – Liam Emerick