Looking forward to 2021

Inga Larson

Photo courtesy SRA International

The new year is upon us, and with a new year always comes plenty of goals and plans. I’m sure we all have our set of hopes for 2021 as far as COVID-19 goes, but what things other than the general deceleration of the pandemic are we hopeful about this year?

From big happenings to little, there is always something to look forward to— whether it be a new album coming out, the start of a new class, or a fresh start in general, there are plenty of things in store for 2021.

Junior Jo Archbold, after being asked of her 2021 hopes, expressed, “I think with every new year comes sort of a rebirth. We are given the opportunity to reflect and try and be a better person than we were the year before. I always look forward to that particular opportunity.”

Some of us are excited to begin 2021 with a fresh lens, and a reminder that we have grown another year.

Sports are an event that 2021 brings a little bit more hope for than 2020 did; Armand Brinlee, a sophomore, said, “I’m excited to start football next month… and I’m stoked for wrestling… I’m excited to work towards a better year.”

Teacher Heidi Pettit echoed a similar remark. “At Bellarmine, I am excited for us to (hopefully) have a softball season and continue to grow and bond as a team.”

There is still some uncertainty with sports, but there is more opportunity to practice with teammates and hope for seasons than there was previously.

On a different note, 2021 brings hope and change in other facets of our lives.

Senior Alec Lewis says in 2021 he is excited for “the ability to help others who are not as fortunate as I am, and the fact that the U.S. has the first female, black and Asian vice president in history.”

With a new administration, lots of political hope is here for many of us.

There are certainly things we are collectively enthusiastic about, but it’s also fun to think about the things more specific in our lives that we are looking ahead to. Pettit said, “Outside of Bellarmine, I am thrilled to continue to watch my niece grow and learn. She just turned one on Christmas Eve and she’s growing up so fast!”

While 2021 might not automatically flip a switch and change our situations, there is certainly a great deal of things to look forward to. The yeaer 2021 has plenty of surprises and events to come: the Grammys are coming up in March, seniors are graduating in June, Bellarmine is able to have students on campus, and the Tokyo Olympics are set to happen. Amidst our worries, we are reminded we are in a fresh year, and that there is still excitement that exists and that can be expected!