The 50% return to campus

The return to campus has brought about many emotions. There have been smiles, grunts, laughs, and many expressions. The majority of students have felt a sense of satisfaction knowing that, after almost a year, they finally get to be back on campus.

There are still some unfortunate aspects: classes don’t feel quite the same with only 50% of students, lunches aren’t as active, etc. Of course all of this is due to the need for social distancing, but it still feels off. Some students were asked how they felt about the 50% return to campus Here is what they said:

“I am thankful to be back on campus with some of my friends, but I wish everyone could be here at once,” senior Flynn Hoare said.

“What would be really cool is if the seniors got a few weeks where it would be just them on campus because we have just a few months left, the other classes have over a year,” said senior Ben Hall.

“I am just happy to be able to see people face to face again,” said senior Kevin Coleman.

Clearly people are happy to be back, but there is always the want for more. As a senior myself, I agree that it is nice to be back with some of my classmates, but if the last few weeks of school were seniors-only that would be extra special. The seniors never would have thought that last March 12, 2020 would be their last day all together on campus, but maybe it won’t be.

Overall the students seem pretty happy to be back and are appreciative of what they can get.