The return to campus at 50%

After having been out of school for almost a year, many students at Bellarmine were wondering if they would ever be able to return to the classroom in a normal way ever again. However, mid-February, Bellarmine came out and said that they would be returning to 50% in person classes and they couldn’t be going any better.

So far, everything has gone smoothly and there have been no health hazards or coronavirus scares. Everything put out by Bellarmine has said it’s going well, but what about the students? No one has asked them their opinion on how they feel about the 50% return to campus and their opinion should be heard. Some students shared their thoughts about how the return to school has been and what they like about it.

“So far my favorite thing about returning to campus has been being able to hang out with some of my friends at school like I used to,” said senior Ben Hall.

“I like the 50% more than the 25% because it means I can go up to school every week instead of once every other week.” said senior Kyler McCarthy.

“The 50% is good because it means I can go up to school and go right to workouts after, kind of like how I used to before coronavirus.” said junior Luke Shillito.

It can be clearly seen that many students like the new 50% in person learning because it allows them to return a little bit to what life was like before the pandemic. Hopefully this return to school can continue and eventually turn into 100% in person learning. However until then, we can all continue to stay safe and stay healthy.