Student get their vaccines

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On April 15, per Governor Jay Inslee’s announcement, every Washingtonian above the age of 16 would be eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. This news brought much anticipation and excitement, especially to students as this opened the idea of a full return to school. Luckily enough this aligned seamlessly with Bellarmine’s full return to school. Meaning as Bellarmine students returned 100% to campus, many would also be eligible to sign up for a vaccine. A few fortunate students who have been vaccinated shared their experience.

Senior Anna Marlow explained how she got her vaccine by saying, “I received the pfizer shot! The process was very easy. I signed up for a spot at St. Joseph’s online where they asked a few questions, and I filled out my personal information. Once I arrived, it was pretty smooth sailing. I checked in and was asked if I had ever reacted to any shots in the past. Following the shot I waited around for 15 minutes to make sure there I had no reaction. I now have both shots and my only minor side effect was tiredness! I’m really thankful for the vaccine because I feel that not only am I safer, but also my friends and family.”

Junior Saul Kontos-Cohen explained his early vaccination decision. “Because I work in the after-care program at Annie Wright, I was lucky enough to be eligible for the vaccine as a childcare worker, so I ended up getting my shot at the same as many of our teachers and administrators. I’m fortunate to have a dedicated dad who spent the first morning I was eligible searching for appointments online since it was a school day.I managed to get a shot at a very early date and at a location close to my house, something many others were not lucky enough to get. As soon as I got my first dose, I felt like a screen of worry and anxiety in the back of my mind had been lifted, and I knew that I was entering a new age of my life. Now that I have my second dose, I feel so much more free to see friends and come to school without the worry that I used to have. My side effects I had were minimal, and with only a headache the next day I felt great! Getting the vaccine made me so much more excited to come back to school and get back to normal life.”

Freshman Andrew Johnson, who is not yet eligible, expressed his desire to get vaccinated when he said, “ I definitely plan on getting vaccinated and really hope I will have the opportunity to soon. I haven’t been able to see any of my grandparents in over a year because of the pandemic and getting the vaccine would be able to help me accomplish that. Also, my dad has type 2 diabetes which means he’s not too high risk but being vaccinated would still be a safety guard. It kinda sucks that the vaccine isn’t open for those under 16 yet. I’m the only one in my family that hasn’t been vaccinated but I’m very hopeful and excited to get vaccinated when I become eligible!”

While much is still unknown, more and more COVID vaccinations among students brings enough security to keep hopes up. The positive reactions and new comfort brought with these vaccines is a small telling of the near future. Next school year and even this summer looks to be promising.