Student Spotlight – Marshall Hainer

Junior Marshall Hainer is more than who meets the eye.

After leaving high school sailing, Hainer realized his unique ability for video games. Through first person shooters or FPS games like Counter Strike Global Offensive or CSGO, as well as more recently, a game called Valorant, Hainer has invested countless hours devoted to the game. It has not gone unnoticed as the Esports team, ZLoft Gaming, signed him onto their Valorant team.

“Getting signed was one of the coolest experiences of my life. Throughout my entire life, gaming wasn’t it and I shouldn’t put so much effort into it. However when I finally got signed to play at a Tier 2/3 level it finally showed to other people and myself that I have what it takes to be in the scene.”

The journey of becoming a signed esports player was difficult for those around Hainer to accept. However,  the day he was signed demonstrated to those people that video games were more than just a waste of time. “That feeling of knowing that I proved people wrong and did what I wanted to do, I’ll never forget. Even with this title of a ‘pro gamer,’ it was hard for me to express it in public, and in general, I always felt I was judged for what I loved, even people who loved me and friends kinda gave me a hard time. ‘Oh yeah, Marshall, you’re like a pro gamer.'” Hainer’s signing made him realize his talent and he began his streaming career on the popular live-streaming site Twitch, under the pseudonym ‘Daimyo.’

“Twitch streaming is most definitely something I look forward to every day. It feels good to show myself as both a content creator but also just someone to talk to.”

But for Hainer, Twitch streaming has become more than a side hustle or a hobby, it has helped him find value in what he does and and gives him the opportunity to meet new friends. “Twitch and gaming in general have opened me up to so many new people and friends I never thought I could have. Recently I have had one of the hardest times of my life and I had to make a shift in myself and had to find new people to talk to. Thanks to streaming I have been able to fill a void that I lost in the last year.”

Whether it be ascending the ranks in professional gaming or amassing a large audience off of streaming, junior Marshall Hainer looks forward to continuing his work in the gaming industry. “Hopefully in the future I’ll have a chance to truly be a big name or even just have a chance to meet other streamers I have looked up to since day one.”