Meet the new student presidents

Samuel Abraham, executive president, speaks at the first day school assembly.
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Opening the 2021-2022 school year, Bellarmine accepted newly elected students to begin their time as members of the student senate. These officials represent their class and help play a role to ensure their fellow student’s voices are heard, and changes are implemented to provide a better learning environment for students and faculty. Representing the respective classes are sophomore class president Betty Roberts, junior class president Mark Manois, senior class president Saul Kontos-Cohen and executive president Samuel Abraham.

Each of these students had various inspirations and reasons for wanting to run for president of their class. Roberts said, “I’ve always kinda wanted to run, and live out my high school life.” She also mentioned how the encouragement of her friends led her to run for the position. 

Manois had similar motivations as he replied, “My friends encouraged me to run and were very supportive of me.” 

Kontos-Cohen said, “…I wanted to give back to the Bellarmine community… I knew that this was my last chance to try and make an impact.”

Abraham explained, “I’ve always been interested in leadership. I did ASB when I was in middle school and wanted to be the President of the United States. I feel good when I’m serving people.” 

When asked if they could keep or change one thing at Bellarmine, Roberts replied, “I would like to keep the later mornings. It gives more time to have one-on-one time with teachers.” 

Manois’s answer to this question was, “I would keep how Bellarmine is moving towards more gender representation and racial inclusion.” 

Kontos-Cohen explained, “If I could keep one thing the same it would be the school spirit…the atmosphere at Bellarmine is like a family and I think it’s what makes Bellarmine special.” 

Presented with the question of how being president changed their perspective of Bellarmine, Roberts responded with, “I listen a lot more to people’s concerns and the community.” She continued to explain how seeing what goes on behind the scenes gives her a better understanding of how the school functions.  

Manois said, “It’s helped me realize that everyone is stressed, but there is a great support system from our class and the faculty.” 

Kontos-Cohen said, “Being president has certainly changed my perspective of Bellarmine. It’s a different point of view to see our community from the role of an ASB representative. I’ve discovered many strengths in our community that went unnoticed before.”

Abraham stated, “It’s changed my perspective. It’s enabled people to come to me for problems.”

Distance learning took a toll on all, but our new presidents at Bellarmine have goals and aspirations for the year ahead that will help ease the transition. They are dedicated to helping their classmates and all share a strong commitment to serve others and a profound desire to inspire change.