Lions discuss lunch options

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The cafeteria at Bellarmine has been home to multiple food providers, namely X Group Catering, and Lexington Independents. A significant portion of the student body brings lunch from home, and an equally significant portion of the student body buys lunch from the cafeteria. The cafeteria has been volatile to say the least, with the recent disappearance of the Lions Den, and the changing of lunch companies between the 2019-2020 and 2020-2021 school years. So what do students think of the food available here at Bellarmine? 

Senior Leo Bessler, when asked for his opinion on lunch, said, “The food is inconsistent at best, consistently overpriced, but there’s always an option to eat healthy, which I appreciate.”

The introduction of metal water bottles for $3.50 has provoked some complaints from the student body.

Senior Allie Bunn commented, “$3.50 for a water bottle is a bit expensive, although I appreciate the sustainability of metal water bottles.”

Another Senior, Collin Zinski appreciates the drink selection, saying, “I really like the Celsius drinks, and I’m glad that the selection of drinks has expanded in the last year.”

Junior Xavier Nazzal appreciates the hospitality, and said, “The employees are always very friendly and welcoming.” 

Renae Perez, the director of Lexington Independents,—the company that provides food service—said that two of her favorite items are the curry, which is served with rice and is her own recipe, and the banana bread. She also said that all of the staff eat the lunch that is available everyday. There is certainly a plethora of options in the lunch room, but more options wouldn’t hurt.

Senior Tashi Landers-Quinn hopes that the Lions Den can rebound, as it provided a fun place to get snacks and Bellarmine merchandise. Most of all though, Landers-Quinn hopes that the lunch becomes more sustainable, specifically by reducing the amount of plastic used for utensils, salads, and more.