Mental Health at Bellarmine and Resources

Claire Comerford

Mental health issues are real and can cause people difficulties as they navigate life. It is a normal thing that many people have dealt with or will deal with at some point in their lives. This past year, COVID-19 affected almost every aspect of a person’s life. People struggled financially, were isolated from each other, and some even lost their loved ones. Because of these changes, people’s mental health has gotten worse and having resources to help people battle mental health-related illnesses has become even more important. So what resources does Bellarmine have for their students who are struggling with their mental health?

Tawanna Wilson, a Bellarmine counselor, talked about mental health and some resources.  She shared some of the resources that Bellarmine has for students. By far, the biggest resource is the counseling department. All of Bellarmine’s counselors are certified and licensed to provide mental health therapy to all students. They are able to provide an initial assessment and support which helps them refer students to resources outside of the school. She also recommended an outside resource called Psychology Today which helps people find therapists in your area that are available to take referrals now. Because of COVID-19, it has made starting therapy more difficult with the excess amount of people wanting therapy and the risk of contracting COVID. Psychology Today offers teletherapy so one can see a therapist sooner and at home over the phone. Utilizing the counseling that Bellarmine offers can be very beneficial and be the first step to healing and overcoming any mental health challenges one is currently facing.
Even though Bellarmine offers these great resources for students, there’s always room for improvement. Right now, counselors come and talk to freshman classes to introduce the idea of mental health and teach self-care. Mental health is talked about in health classes as well. However, Wilson hopes that more in-class discussions on mental health can be implemented.

A Bellarmine senior also agreed. They wished that mental health was talked about more in the classroom each year, not just freshman year. They also want there to be more conversations on the different kinds of mental health-related illnesses to help destigmatize them. They thought that having these talks on mental health throughout the year would also be helpful for students since a person’s mental health changes over time.

Bellarmine is on the path to providing a successful and beneficial mental health program with some adjustments and improvements, it will reach its destination.

Photo courtesy of iStock