Thanksgiving Traditions

MaryRose Johnson

Thanksgiving is a holiday meant to bring people together in thanks for the different blessings the past year have brought. Families gather together over plates piled high with turkey, potatoes, vegetables, rolls, and pumpkin pie exchanging stories, smiles, laughs, songs, and thanks. While this might seem like the prototype for Thanksgiving there are many different traditions that families and friends take part in that make Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving to them. Whether it be a story that is always told, a dish that is always served, or a gift that is always brought, Thanksgiving traditions make the holiday genuine.

Students at Bellarmine shared different traditions their families participate in over this holiday that bring comfort and completeness to their thanksgivings. Jemila Momoh a senior, shared that her family has the typical Thanksgiving turkey but her family also adds their favorite Nigerian dishes like Jollof Rice, Meat Pie, and baked chicken/assorted meat seasoned with lots of spices.

Another senior, Max Walker, always has his mother’s famous fruit turkey, a turkey made out of various fruits which his family always eats while watching football.

Sophomore Nick Nino has the exact same thanksgiving meal every year made by his Aunt Jen: turkey, 2 kinds of mashed potatoes (garlic and regular), gravy, green beans, cranberry sauce, stuffing and the best part-her homemade rolls. An annual insight joke within the Nino’s family is that after the huge Thanksgiving meal they are still hungry and as a result always have to stop by Jack in the Box on their way back home.

Brea Pitchford, a senior, has a tradition, also shared by the Nino family, of having everyone share what they are thankful for. Pitchford’s family also has a tradition of making a small plate of food for all their animals.

These traditions are what makes Thanksgiving special to these students. Traditions provide a break from the hectic world around us to spend time with family and friends by investing time in each other to show how much we value one another. This Thanksgiving, take joy in the traditions your family takes part in, as you might not even realize how much you appreciate the special routine of your family’s holiday season.

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