What are Bellarmine students reading right now?

During the month of March many students are reading books outside of the classroom required texts, including a multitude of genres and authors.

When asked what everyone was reading, there was an abundance of titles including: “One of the Good Ones” by Maika and Maritza Moulite, “Dandelion Wine” by Ray Bradbury, “Is This Anything?” By Jerry Seinfeld, “Replica” by Lauren Oliver and many more.

There was also a wide variety of genres, everything from the biggest category of Young Adult to smaller genres such as Detective Fiction, Semi-Autobiography or Conservation and Science.

Some books came highly recommended from their reader, including Jonathan Hungerford who read “Saxon Stories” by Bernard Cornwell and said, “I rate this a 5 out of 5 because it is an excellent book on historic fiction following the story of a fictional character through real historical events that took place on the British Isles. This book adds some of these fictional elements while molding them with the real historical events to perfection in which almost everything in the book is true except for some cases but being told through the eyes of a fictional character. The books takes place on the British Isles during the Viking age of Britain in the Saxon kingdoms of what will become England following the reign of Alfred the Great of Wessex from his children Edward the Unready and Aethalflaid of Mercia to the final Unification of England under Alfred’s Grandson Athelstan.”

Another was Aiden Moore who read “The Fall” by Albert Camus and said, “With a narrator both charismatic and repulsive and incredibly interesting narrative techniques, this book is impossible to put down. It’s the story of a confession, of a single, one-sided conversation taking place over the course of a week, but even without a plot or even traditional dialogue, it’s one of the most intriguing and compelling books I’ve ever read.”

Others did not recommend the current book they were reading, including someone reading “The Sun Also Rises” who said, “It is full of hateful language and characters and I’m struggling to understand why it’s taught in schools.”

Others are in the middle of their books including Sydney Morrison who is reading “Replica” By Lauren Oliver who said “The idea of the book is really cool. It’s from two different perspectives and like time periods (just a couple days off)  but they are related to each other, so you like to read one perspective and then start all over again to read the other perspective by flipping the book over. The only problem is that it is kind of confusing but by the end i think it’ll make more sense. It’s also one of my favorite authors”

Overall for the hectic month of March many students are reading a wide variety of genres and authors across campus and many seem to enjoy what they are reading.

Pictured are some formerly suggested book titles in the Orell library. (Photo courtesy of bellarmineprep.org)