Staff Spotlight: Anita Emery tests new science curriculum


Jeanne Hanigan

Veteran teacher Anita Emery teaches not only AP and Honors Chemistry, but she is also the AP Statistics instructor.

The Bellarmine Professional Development team would like to highlight faculty/staff and their achievements throughout the year. This reflection is the first Staff Spotlight for the 2022-23 academic year.

Please enjoy the following Seattle Times article featuring Science teacher Anita Emery. Click on the link in bold below.

Emery explains how she will implement the curriculum. “Honors Chemistry will be learning chemistry in context around a central phenomenon – for example Unit 1 is centered around rising seas and polar ice and learning how to measure, read graphs and charts, and understand the effect of the difference in density of salt water and fresh water; Unit 4 will be learning about acids and bases by studying ocean acidification and the effect on oysters.”

Will Baur demonstrates for other teachers on Aug. 3 an experiment they can take to their classrooms illustrating how lightning forms. Science teachers from around the state will be training on a new curriculum at the Northshore School District headquarters. A new curriculum is supposed to offer marked achievement and engagement among students. At a training for teachers in Bothell, educators get the chance to preview some of the experiments, including simulating lightning strikes. (Dean Rutz/The Seattle Times)