Seniors prepare for college


Photo Illustration by Sophia McLain

Four of the application websites used by seniors this year.

The beginning of school is an eventful time for seniors all around the country. It means college applications are out and inching closer to their deadlines. This is a very stressful and challenging time for many students, and can leave them feeling overwhelmed and burnt out. Luckily, the counseling office is here to help Bellarmine students as they begin their transition from high school to college life.

Counselor Cameron Irving said, “ The first thing they can do is to not have too long of a list… three reach, three safety, and three targets.” When asked what specific actions seniors can take Irving said, “Appy Hour is good to help you if you have specific questions.”

Appy Hour is an after school meeting between seniors and counselors where students can work on college applications while eating snacks. This laid back event is great for seniors nearing the end of the application process and finalizing their applications.

Bellarmine offers many helping hands in the college application process and seniors are grateful for the help. Senior Hailey Berg said, “I am feeling a little overwhelmed with the process and nearing the deadline to submit applications but I know I will get into where I’m meant to be and I am confident that Bellarmine has provided me enough experience to be successful for next year.”

Many early action/decision applications are due Nov. 1, which means seniors are hustling to fill out the Common Application and applications on other college admissions websites all while keeping up with class work and other family and job commitments.

Senior Roman Thomas said, “I feel very prepared going into college because I’ve learned many valuable skills these past few years at Bellarmine. My time management skills and confidence in academics would not be where they are now without the rigors of the curriculum and extracurriculars offered here.”

While the stress feels unending now, soon it will be over and the seniors will be off to their next adventure.

Four of the application websites used by seniors this year. (Photo Illustration by Sophia McLain)