Seniors reflect on their favorite classes at Bellarmine


Sage Vasko

Chemistry teacher Dave DeGroot enthralls his students.

The senior class of 2023 has experienced a diverse range of classes throughout their journey at Bellarmine. Subsequently, the students have strong opinions and provide choice recommendations.

The science department seems to be a favorite amongst the seniors. They expressed that the intriguing material and hands on experience provides a positive learning environment.

Payton Anderson said, “My favorite class I have taken at Bellarmine is Physics with Ms. Etter. I was never bored in her class as she always had fun notes or activities.”

Colin Webber states, “Chem with Mr. DeGroot has been my favorite. I have always loved chemistry, but Mr. DeGroot made it super interactive and interesting”

In agreement with Webber, Mackenzie Seeberger expressed that “Mr. DeGroot was always the funniest teacher.”

In addition to their favorite classes, the seniors provided insight on recommendations that they believe are beneficial and exciting for the underclassman to take.

Anderson advocates for the creative writing course taught by Jacob Singer. She believes that the assignments were manageable and helped improve her writing, not only in English, but in relation to all her classes.

Webber said, “I think everyone should take AP Psych. At least for me, it is more practical and one of a better overall class.”

Uzo Nkem states, “I recommend taking Photography. Mr. Meeker was a great teacher, and it isn’t a very popular elective to take.

Reese Wadsworth, adding to the art class recommendations, states, “Drawing with Mr. Gross was my favorite elective that I have taken. Everyone should take it.”

Lastly, Olivia Wiebe emphasized on the community experience that band provides. She states, “I think everyone should take band, so they can experience another class where you can bond with the same people for four years.”

The class of 2023 is approaching the end of their high school career. The seniors reflected on and conveyed their learning experience in hopes of guiding those choosing their classes.