Some of the STARS of Homecoming Spirit Week 2022

Seniors cheer at the Homecoming football game in their jumpsuits.

Photo courtesy of Roma Sharkey

Seniors cheer at the Homecoming football game in their jumpsuits.

One of the most exciting parts of Bellarmine’s homecoming festivities is spirit week. From Oct. 3 to Oct. 7, the student body was assigned different dress-up days to celebrate homecoming. Take a look here at how the student body participated in these themes!

Monday – Adam Sandler 

Spirit week kicked off strong with the long-awaited Adam Sandler day. All four of the grades showed up in style with long shorts, big t-shirts, athletic shoes and baseball caps.

Some students took it a step further and dressed as characters that Adam Sandler has played. Pictured top left, senior Ethan Truebenbach dressed as Robert Boucher, Jr. from the movie “The Waterboy.” Some more seniors, Luke Connelly, Liam McDaniel, and Armand Brinlee, dressed as more Adam Sandler characters.

Students dressed in their best Adam Sandler outfits. (Photo courtesy of Josie Jaback)

Tuesday – Jersey Day

The second day of spirit week was an opportunity for students to wear a sports team’s jersey. The student body showed up with sports attire ranging from hockey, baseball, football, to soccer. Of course, the most students with the most school spirit today were the student athletes wearing their BPS jerseys!

Paul Sweeney’s Ignatian Formation did not listen to the assigned spirit day and instead decided to dress as Sweeney himself. Wearing a polo and khakis to resemble the attire of Sweeney, they set the standard high as the best Ignatian Formation class in all of Bellarmine history (Debatable).

Pictured top, seniors Thoren Kelleher, Paul Fortino, and Ramsey Slack posing in their jerseys. Pictured bottom, Paul Sweeney’s Ignatian Formation dressed as him. (Photos courtesy of Josie Jaback)

Wednesday – Twin Day

Spirit week’s third day was twin day. Students dressed as twins, triplets, and even quadruplets with their friends. From the same hairstyles to matching shoes, the student body made sure they were the spitting image of their twin. The outfits ranged from an everyday look of jeans and a t-shirt to fun outfits like onesies or pajamas.

Twins Camila Aguayo & Sasha Owen, as well as Sophia Broili & Sydney Bland (Photo courtesy of Roma Sharkey)

Thursday-Class Distinction Day

Class distinction day is always a fan favorite, which we assume to be due to the four different grades not-so-subtly competing to see which class has the most spirit. Freshmen dressed as babies or in baby blue, as handfuls of people wearing footie pajamas could be spotted in the crowds during passing periods. Sophomores dressed in western attire: cowboy hats, boots, and bandanas. This year, juniors were assigned the theme of hippies. Many of them filled the campus center with vibrant tie dye t-shirts, flared pants, and of course retro sunglasses. And lastly, the seniors used their bedsheets to create togas. The class of 2023 did not disappoint with this classic spirit day.

The final day of the school week was reserved for the classic Bellarmine theme: blue and white. We don’t hesitate to say that seniors came out on top, as many wore their homemade decorated jumpsuits. The homecoming football game took place this evening, on Oct. 7. The Lions won with a score of 38-6, making it their most successful win of the season so far. The student section cheered loud and proud and brought the blue and white spirit to Memorial Field! Celebrating with the alumnus who came to support, and the seniors enjoying their last homecoming game, created a night full of Lion pride!

Students from different grades dressed in t.heir spirit attire (Photos courtesy of Josie Jaback)

Friday- Blue and White

The highly-anticipated homecoming dance took place on Oct. 8, in Bellarmine’s very own St. Ignatius Loyola Gymnasium. The overall theme for the dance was voted on by the student body, and starry night was the winner. From 8 p.m. until 11 pm, all four grade levels danced, or perhaps mosh-pitted, the night away in the star-filled gym.

Seniors cheer at the Homecoming football game in their jumpsuits. (Photo courtesy of Roma Sharkey)
Seniors show off their jumpsuits. (Photo courtesy of Josie Jaback)
Image courtesy of ASB