Special Commencement Edition of the Lion, nearly 85 years ago

The Lion journalism staff recently obtained an original copy of the paper’s Special
Commencement Edition from June 9, 1938, nearly 85 years ago.

The issue was given to the team from Charlene Guetle. Her uncle, Paul Narigi, graduated from Bellarmine in 1937 and is featured in the article for winning the President’s Cup at Seattle University.

Guetle is the grandmother of three recent Bellarmine grads:  Jacob Salazar (’13), Julia Salazar (’15), and Charlie Zelazny (’21).

She also has two grandsons who will graduate this June, Jonas Salazar and Jordan Salazar (’23). The paper contains features of the graduating seniors in 1938, recaps of the spring sports teams’ seasons, cartoons, and other staples of The Lion that continue to this day, although now online.

At the time of the issue’s publication, Bellarmine was celebrating its ten year anniversary of being a school (it was founded in 1928).

A special edition of the Lion newspaper, nearly 85 years ago. (Document courtesy of Charlene Guetle)