Robotics Team 360 revs up for a successful season

From competing in the district championships to winning the Industrial Design Award sponsored by General Motors last year, Bellarmine’s robotics program, Team 360 The Revolution, is one of the most successful on campus. The team recently became sponsors of the popular design and manufacturing company Rev Robotics to add to their accolades.

“As ambassadors, we gain the notoriety of having support from this large company,” said General Manager Mark Manaois. “We tell them what we accomplish and review their products in return for financial support.”

Established in 1999, this is Team 360’s first major sponsorship. The additional funds will allow them to cover the cost of registration and travel, promote the team through marketing and social media, and purchase more advanced parts. One of these being SWERVE drive, a robotics base commonly used among high-ranked crews.

“This is 23 years in the making,” said Manaois. “Our members are really excited about the big jump, and we look forward to pushing the innovation forward.”

Team 360’s competition season begins on Jan. 7, 2023. Between designing, prototyping, manufacturing, wiring, and programming their robot, the team has their work cut out for them. The sponsorship from Rev Robotics, along with the support of the Bellarmine community, will aid them in future successes.

Mark Manaois (B’23) and Ben Fowlkes (B’23) smile during a robotics competition. (Photo courtesy of Mark Manaois)