Bathroom vandalism strikes again

Throughout the past few years, Bellarmine has had to deal with many instances of defacement and property damage. These past crimes in previous school years have been most prevalent within bathrooms, and this year has not been different. Shortly after Bellarmine’s winter break, male students suffered the consequences of another restroom stunt. Those wishing to wash their hands in Bellarmine Hall or Snyder Hall were hit with the realization that the soap dispensers near the sinks had been ripped off of the wall. 

Administration acted quickly on the matter, replacing the dispensers within a matter of a few days, but as expected, vandals quickly struck again. Twenty-four hours later, students had noticed that there was once again no way to clean their hands in the sink. Paint chips on the ground and holes in the wall, the men’s bathrooms had become a war between teenage tomfoolery and the administration, while hurting the hygiene of others in the process.

This would not be the first time though, in which the Bellarmine Hall men’s bathroom was hit hard. On January 10, 2022 the bathroom was wrecked to an epic proportion. There were lightbulbs sticking out of the urinals, wet paper towels stuck on the walls, and toilet paper hung over the stalls. As the former Instagram account @bpsbathroomreviews had mentioned in reference to this event, “I have to say I’m not surprised. The men’s bathroom in Bellarmine hall has always been one of the worst on campus.”

Various accounts of fecal matter on the floor and a constant onslaught of inappropriate graffiti brings the discussion of student maturity to the tables of those higher up. Halfway through the 2022-2023 school year, innocent bathroom goers have to consider whether or not these pranks will continue to go on.

2021-2022 school year bathroom incident (photo courtesy of Ian Stoddard)
Damage to Snyder Hall bathroom (Photo courtesy of Ian Stoddard)