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Update on the Israeli-Hamas War

Due to the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas, concerns are currently being raised after a recent escalation in violence.

The historical ties to the territorial disputes has allowed for the Israeli-Hamas conflict to remain ongoing.

A little over a month has passed since the initial attack on Israel. This attack by Hamas has resulted in a tragic death toll of over 1,400 Israelis and 11,000 Palestinians have died in the military.

Twelve hostages were released on Tuesday, Nov. 21, during an intermission of fighting between Israel and Hamas. Along with, ten Israeli citizens have been given to the Red Cross and thirty Palestinian citizens were released from Israeli prisons.

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With the concern of the death tolls being ever growing, alarmingly children are nearly half of the fatalities recorded.

Health care attacks have been preventing citizens from accessing health care. Numerous attacks are currently being tracked by the World Health Organization, with over 200 attacks on health care in Palestinian territory. Leaving Gaza with only 16 functioning hospitals.

The suffering countries are in need of urgent help. In particular, Gaza is in need of humanitarian aid after losing their access to health care, food supply, fuel, and electricity supplies.

Over eight planes have been sent to help aid people during this struggle. These planes were sent from numerous countries being Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Jordan, and Tunisia. As well as, 16 tons of humanitarian aid from Rwanda.

Interaction support has been shown in numerous ways with European countries, like Germany and Sweden, through their suspension of aid to Gaza. Additionally, India has sent medical relief to El Arish.

A UNICEF representative has also exclaimed how hundreds of trucks have been sent to Gaza, but still might not be enough to aid the needs of the people. Which emphasizes the impact this war is having on massive populations and the size of the humanitarian crisis that remains ongoing.

Millions of people have been impacted by this war, with many being displaced or maybe have lost their lives due to this ongoing conflict. The coming weeks remain crucial to the future of these growing nations and will ultimately determine the future of this growing conflict, with the hope of any future deaths and disposition. The international community’s ability to aid these countries during this difficult time will help shape the endless possibilities of ending this war.

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