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Students provide Encounter feedback

Our junior spring Women’s Encounter just concluded in early March, and below is some feedback that participants have shared after their personal Encounter Experience. 

Amelia Hogoboom: What I enjoyed from Encounter was the ability to befriend and reconcile with people from our class. I was also able to have a better understanding of other people and to learn how to love myself on a deeper level. 

Sophia Terry: Being able to serve on the spring women’s encounter was such an amazing experience. I loved being able to pray over all the junior girls and experience Encounter from a different perspective. I learned a lot about gratitude from this last encounter…because a lot of our guidance prayers done by Mrs. DeGroot and Ms. Rink focused a lot around thankfulness. The Encounter was just a reminder of all the things to be grateful for and to cherish these last months as a senior. I definitely recommend Encounter to everyone because it’s an awesome opportunity to bond with your class and strengthen your friendships with others. 

Katherine Palmreuter: Encounter was an amazing experience to bond as a class. I have been encouraged to attend the retreat numerous times throughout my Bellarmine career, I second guessed these recommendations, I wish I never had. Encounter was just as great as everyone tells you. I learned to be more empathetic to those around you, and to share all the nice things you think about people with them. Nobody ever turned down a compliment. I encourage all underclassmen to attend the encounter retreat! You are so very loved!

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Emily Deng: I loved Encounter and I am really happy I went even as a senior. 

Kayden England: Going into Encounter, I didn’t think it would be as important as people made it out to be; however, it has been the best experience I’ve had at Bellarmine. I met so many lovely girls that I had conversations with here and there, but through Encounter I connected with them on a deeper level and made friendships that I hope last. YOU ARE SO LOVED! GO ON ENCOUNTER!

Lauren Hutchinson: I absolutely loved my time on the spring women’s ecounter. It was truly such an amazing  experience for me and I learned so much about myself and about the people around me. I can’t say enough good things about my time on encounter. It changed my perspective on so many things and made bellarmine feel like home.

Ava Erickson: This encounter was so special for me. I was more impacted by leading as a senior than going as a junior, and that says a lot! It was so rewarding to watch the juniors grow in love and faith, as well as healing themselves and their relationships. I grew in my faith simply by the women I was surrounded by and the love felt throughout the entire weekend. I believe everyone should take the opportunity to go on Encounter, it is so impactful and truly changes lives.

In regards to the spring Women’s Encounter experience at Bellarmine, there are really no negative sentiments. For an opportunity to unplug, and further explore your relationship with God, others, and yourself, Encounter is a highly recommended experience at Bellarmine.


Judging from the smiles, the women’s spring encounter was a spiritual and social success. Photo courtesy of Lauren Doscher

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Ariana Randquist
Ariana Randquist, Reporter

Ariana Randquist is a junior this year and is super excited to be a part of the Lion’s Journalism staff! She is involved in many clubs at Bellarmine as a member of Lion Outreach, KCC, APICA, co-founder of the Letters for Rose club, Capstone, and more. Her favorite activities include spending quality time with her family and friends, being outdoors, cooking and baking, reading, and listening to music!

Alice Malebranche
Alice Malebranche, Reporter
Alice Malebranche is a part of the class of 2025 and is honored to be on the Journalism Staff for the 23-24 school year. Spending most of her week on campus, she participates in Bellarmine lacrosse and golf, as well as Link Crew, Campus Ministry, and a variety of clubs. Outside of school, you can find Alice playing club lacrosse, watching the sunset at Chambers Bay, playing guitar, and taking her dog for a walk. She’s excited to contribute some pieces to the Bellarmine Lion this year!