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Conquering the Freshman Fear

Photo courtesy of Jeremy Bittermann
Students walking into the campus center

Freshman year is a dynamic pathway full of questions and challenges. In the form of a Q and A, the Class of 2027 shared their questions and the seniors provided insight into the tips and tricks for conquering the freshman fear.

How do you balance school and sports?
Bellarmine is notorious for the vast amount of homework. Adding sports and extracurriculars can be stressful and challenging to navigate.

Alison Whalen said, “Do your A-day homework on A-days and B-day homework on B-days.” She emphasizes the importance of prioritizing sleep for a successful day.

Landon Mitchell said, “A major factor in making sure that you have that balance is being organized. Making sure you know everything that needs to get done before starting your work helps a lot when it comes to time management.”

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How do you do homework with the block schedule?
The introduction of block schedules is foreign for the majority of incoming students. It can help you get ahead or become detrimental if you procrastinate.

Ainsley Brogan advises that it is best to do your homework the day it is assigned “unless absolutely necessary.” She continues by stating, “Do your homework in order of importance.”

How do you study for midterms?
The seniors compiled a list of helpful study tips to combat the daunting midterms.

Whalen states, “Quizlet! Also, utilize office hours. The teachers are there to help you.”

Brogan seconds that and adds that “communicating with friends” is a good way to study.

How do you become more involved?
Involving yourself in the Bellarmine community is essential and rewarding. The seniors share a few ways to become more involved.

Mitchell states that an easy way to get involved is attending football games and other sport games. He also shares his involvement with “Lion Outreach and working at the school’s greenhouse.”

Brogan and Whalen both said to say “yes” to everything: “You never know unless you try, so try everything!”

About the Contributor
Sage Vasko
Sage Vasko, Executive Communications and Media Editor

Sage Vasko is a senior this year who is looking forward to her second year on the Journalism staff! At Bellarmine, she is involved in Link Crew, Lion Outreach, National Honors Society, and is captain of the cheer squad. Some of her pastimes include skiing, reading, hanging out with friends, and playing with her two dogs.