After AP testing: a time for some rest

Shhh....testing in progress

Shhh....testing in progress

Karen Huang, Guest writer

After months of preparation and stress, students are tested for about three hours to see what they have learned in one subject. As many would agree, AP testing is quite stressful. APs, also known as Advanced Placement, are courses in which students are willing to challenge themselves to receive possible college credit.

Students prepare for months and constantly battle with their grades as they hope for an A in the class and hope to score a 5 on the exam. As AP students wait patiently for AP scores in July, they give a large sigh of relief and relax for the remaining part of the school year, as if a large blizzard has passed. “I’m glad that AP testing is over. All I want to do is sleep,” said junior Charlie Hibbeln after finishing with his AP exam.

AP Exams may be what students have been preparing for and are worried about, but AP exams shouldn’t be the center of an AP course. It should be the information, the lessons and the enjoyment of the subject that leads a student to an AP class. Sadly, AP courses seem to give students more stress than it gives students enjoyment. Students may even go to the extreme to receive a 5 on the exam, such as the lack of sleep, which is detrimental to their health. Sadly, a student’s confidence might crumble due to the stress. These tests don’t show who or what you are. “Tests don’t determine how intelligent you are. Even if you get a 5, it doesn’t show how smart you are, but only how well you test,” said teacher Anita Emery to her AP students before the exam.

Still, it is great to achieve good scores on the AP Exams, but don’t be discouraged by scores lower than you expect and abhor the subject. Remember the great moments and jokes in class. Be impressed by the knowledge you have gained within this short amount of time provided. Most importantly, enjoy your time in class and relax! No more AP exams!