Why isn’t Bellarmine serving up breakfast?

Why isn't Bellarmine serving up breakfast?

Kaijona Wade

It’s 7:30AM. It’s been a long night of last minute homework, work you forgot about until this morning, and an overall feeling of just blah. You’re starving, because of course you didn’t have time to grab breakfast before heading off to school. But what could make your morning better? What could erase that feeling of defeat and instead return you to the bright, mighty student you are who is ready to take on all of the day’s challenges? Well, I think some hot, melt in your mouth breakfast sure could. But wait! Bellarmine doesn’t serve breakfast, so looks like that vision of warm waffle sticks dipped to perfection in that thick buttermilk syrup and washed down with the freshest of OJ will have to be just that, a vision. Why oh why Bellarmine must you tease us with your bright lights on in the kitchen in the morning? Can’t you provide us students with the nourishment that is known as the most important meal of the day? Bellarmine, why do you not serve breakfast?

What for many schools could be seen as not only essential but even a necessity for students, Bellarmine seems to have resorted to the use of the Lion’s Den for any before school snacks, assuming that the Lion’s Den is open. According to multiple sources, Bellarmine use to serve breakfast in the past. And upon further investigation, what seemed to have made breakfast become nonexistent were the vast amounts of food being wasted. “We’ve tried to have breakfast [in the past] and there weren’t a lot of people coming in,” said Principal Chris Gavin. “People come so close to school starting, and there’s no bus so a lot of people are getting to school at 7:40 or arrive at 7:53 and just don’t have the time. And maybe there was a marketing issue of letting people know…but I think the routine was that people don’t stop in the Student Center to go have breakfast,” continued Gavin. And to a good extent, most students don’t choose to arrive to school until 7:50 when the ten minute bell has rang and there wouldn’t be much time to eat breakfast anyway. But what about those who do arrive here early whether because of sports, ASB, or a particular activity involvement? Shouldn’t there at least be an option to have some sort of hot breakfast? Well, if you want it Bellarmine, you just have to ask. “If students were interested, it would be fine; I think we would do that. And if students are saying why isn’t there any breakfast, then I think that’s worth having a conversation,” concluded Gavin.