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It’s time to shake up community period

Chloe Hogan

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Not only did Bellarmine introduce a new campus center this year,but it also introduced new events for Community Period. Now, twice a month, students have the chance to participate in activity period and in office hours.

Activity period is a time where students can either meet with a club or participate in an intramural. The intramurals include: yoga, lawn sports, badminton, pickle ball, zumba and board games.

After the first activity period many responded well and really enjoyed the time. Feeling like it was efficient and time well spent, senior Molly O’Brien said, “I think it was pretty cool. For the first time we were allowed to choose what we wanted to do in CP.” Some students suggested more time for activities rather than waiting at the beginning of CP to be released.

Office hours give students an opportunity to meet with teachers and receive help if they are struggling. Another option during office hours is a silent study in the campus center and library.

The feedback received for office hours was mostly positive. Students liked the one on one help they got with their teachers. Other students did not like how they had to leave CP. After this feedback, the second office hours session allowed students to stay in their CP classrooms for a silent study hall.

Bellarmine is a community full of hardworking and busy people. Many students have multiple afterschool activities. With the additions of activity period and office hours, it give students the opportunity to be proactive during school rather than outside of school. It makes it easier for students to get involved with clubs and to contact teachers.

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It’s time to shake up community period