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The countdown is coming to a close

Josh Hanigan

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As freshmen, perhaps we felt that graduation would never come and we would stay in high school forever. Once senior year rolled around, though, all we can do is look back and reminisce. We are startled by how fast everything passed, and perhaps we begin to have regrets for not taking in moments more fully. We wish we could go back, but, at the same time, we are more than ecstatic to be so close to graduating.

All of the semesters leading up to this final one have felt fast, but these last few days have not. It feels as if time is moving in slow motion, slowing down to the inevitable.

Graduation can possibly be classified as one of the most bittersweet moments in a person’s life. Everything that has occurred these past four years has made us the person that we are now. We are finally (hopefully) the “grad at graduation.”

Graduation is not only a tough time for seniors, though. Bonds formed with underclassmen and even teachers may soon be in the past. Relationships begin to fade for most since college can be challenging and time-consuming it itself. People will miss us, the class of 2018, and we will miss them.

High school: good times, good friends. From left: Chase Chandler, Luke Hansen and Josh Hanigan Photo by Darcy Hansen

But it is our hope that we are now able to apply our new self to a whole new educational environment, new people and new independence. So now, we may wish that graduation never has to come, but, at the same time, we wish that we could graduate tomorrow, but June 3 is right around the corner.

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The countdown is coming to a close