Bellarmine: Can we talk about race?

Anaiis Dunbar, Guest Writer

On September 28, Bellarmine students and staff traveled to the University of Puget Sound’s National Race & Pedagogy conference. The conference highlighted the racial inequality and injustice within American society.

After attending the National Race & Pedagogy Conference in late September, Bellarmine attendees’ (faculty, staff and students) eyes were opened to the discrimination and injustice that people of color endure within the United States and our own community. Seen as a call to action, the conference warranted a conversation with Bellarmine staff to bring awareness to the challenges their students face.

Wednesday, Nov. 14, was a typical autumn morning in the Northwest with dark clouds loomed in the sky with reflective puddles of rain from the previous night. Sweating palms, shaky legs, and uneasy breathing filled the St. Aloysius chapel, as a group of Bellarmine’s students of color prepared to deliver their story to faculty/staff.

Afterward, faculty/staff applauded students for their bravery, thanking them for sharing their experiences. The students also met with faculty/staff in small groups after the presentation.

After the morning inservice, Vice Principal of Professional Development relayed this message from the student panel to the faculty/staff. See italicized message below.

Thank you for coming this morning to listen. Let’s continue our conversation from today. In this email, will be the “homework” assignment to support our continued conversation. In the link below, is an article and a podcast and video for you to read and listen to. 

Thank you again for coming and engaging in our conversation,

Giuliano Alvarado
Jaeveon Cunningham
Anaiis Dunbar
Elisa Givens
Faven MacInnis
Samantha McKiernan
Naya Page-Hughes
Beatriz Isabel Pugeda
Maliyah Sek
Zoe Shelton
Ben Sherman

As Bellarmine’s students of color population rises, inclusion across campus is more important. Through awareness coupled with a staff committed to acceptance of diversity, Bellarmine’s campus will become a second home to all students.