New academic year brings new policies


Students enjoy their ripped jeans on casual dress day. Photo courtesy of Aysan Razmjouy and Molly McKain.

Molly McKain and Shane Collins

Along with a new school year comes a set of new policies.

In the 2019-2020 school year, many students are passionate and enthusiastic about the new take on dress code. Dean of Students, Cari Harrison, who previously worked in admissions, said, “I am a firm believer that there are issues much greater on this campus than dress code. And so the reason why we relaxed the dress code on Friday is because I want to see if students feel more comfortable, that they can still learn… in my mind, I don’t think sweats should be a problem on any given day.”
This change in dress code has also brought questions: Should a relaxed Friday dress code be extended from Monday to Thursday? In response to this idea Harrison says, “I am totally open to that. I think it’s going to have to be a collective decision, that teachers, students and administrators decide that’s a good direction to go.”

However, this change was imposed with the guiding principle that modesty must be prioritized in dressing for school.  Moreover, Harrison is willing to maintain an open mind and will continue to work with the student body and administration on many decisions. One new decision is limiting iPads to the classroom once a month, a larger step in reconnecting students without being separated by an iPad or iPhone screen. This day has been designated as the last Friday of every month. For October, this day will fall on Friday, Oct. 25, which is also an A-Day.