Student Senate plans

Maxx Stewart, Editor-in-Chief of Broadcast

Student Senate has big plans this year. Your 2019-2020 executive senate officers are G Alvarado, Ian Schmidt, Larkin Daly, Lexi Rice and Maxx Stewart. Four are returning members after the upset of an all junior class executive board last year. Class representatives for seniors are Connor Burk and Katie Grace. For juniors, Alyssa Cua. For sophomores, Samuel Abraham and Tariq May. For freshmen, Mark Manaois and Roman Thomas. Along with the all new faces of our class representatives, the board is under the guidance of new moderator and dean of students, Cari Harrison.

The purpose of senate is to represent the voice of the student body. Senate facilitates policy changes, announces news on the intercom, and helps with assemblies. Whether it’s organizing a school walkout to fight gun violence or lengthening lunches on late start days, perhaps the greatest thing about senate is that there is no topic or issue beyond its reach. Larkin Daly, senior and executive officer, said, “The students have more say in changes at school than they think and senate allows student opinion to be heard.”

Each and every student is a factor in our school culture and norms – senate just helps to amplify and address their concerns.
Please find your class representatives and reach out to them with questions and ideas about making our school its best self. Your input can make a big difference.