Australia is on Fire: Proof of Climate Change

Aysan Razmjouy, Print Specialist

In these past several weeks you may have noticed that the Australia fires have erupted in the news. There has been great devastation and environmental damage throughout Australia in the recent weeks. Millions of animals and wildlife have died in this catastrophic natural disaster. Approximately 16 million acres of land have been burnt and this number is only increasing. The amount of land burnt is unlike anything ever seen before.
Disasters like the Australia fires are proof of climate change and a result of businesses ignoring the climate. These natural disasters are caused by major businesses and companies contributing to immense production of carbon emissions which pollute the environment. The value of nature and its costs must be recognized.
Scientists had warned of these natural disasters and in 2018 a study by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission found that just 17% of companies thought of climate risk. The ignorance presented by major companies contributed to environmental disaster. The fires have been reported to be bigger than the California and Amazon fires combined.
Millions of animals have died including many endangered species. According to The Washington Post and University of Sydney more than “1 billion mammals, birds and reptiles nationwide may have been affected or killed by the fires.” Many of these rare species are found nowhere else in the world. These include mammals, plants, bacteria and microorganisms that are vital to the ecosystem. Rosemary Hohnen from Charles Darwin University adds, “Biodiversity is part of what makes planet Earth planet Earth. It’s our heritage; it’s our richness.”
Donations to organizations funding wildlife rescue and environmental recovery are currently being made to Australia. In addition, many rescue teams have helped animals in danger and provided them with food and water.
It’s important that we think about life choices such as “what we eat, what clothes we wear and how much we travel” all of which affect our environmental footprint and climate change. It’s important we make positive changes to contribute to a safer environment and world for people, plants and wildlife. Because after all we are all one on planet earth.