The casualty of distance learning: snow days

Jack Christensen

Snow days during distance learning?

These snow days that periodically comes during the months of January or February are a great joy to the students at Bellarmine, but a stressful time among the teachers. As students go outside and enjoy the beautiful and playful look of winter, the teachers look for different ways to try and educate us from home Sadly, this might change in a way students aren’t looking forward to, but support the teachers in a massive way.

We have experienced  six months total of distance learning from Bellarmine due to the coronavirus. With this we have experienced less in-service days and days off because we are in the own comfort of our home. This has brought questions to our winter season if we’ll have some type of snow day this year under virtual learning. It is worrisome that the student body may not experience another snow day, but some might find a way to still play in the snow.

The students have heard rumors around the school that snow days might still have fully functional school, and it is quite sad.

Senior Colin Thompson said, “We are locked inside all day especially with the new lockdown procedure from the governor’s office. I don’t think giving us a day to enjoy what comes very little each year would do any harm.”

Some may  don’t think it is fair to be able to go to school during snow days but this doesn’t stop Bellarmine from keeping school. Teachers are very happy about this claim because they do not need to worry about catching up on work after missed school days.

We haven’t experienced snow yet this year, but when the time comes it will be interesting to see who will pick snow over school.